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I am a certified Mindset & Life Coach for Youth, Early Childhood Educator and Founder of The Owl’s Haven.  I offer coaching programs that are deeply rooted in child development, social and emotional learning, and supporting the mental health of children.  Decades of research confirm these skills as essential for effective learning, sound decision making, physical and mental health, as well as success in life.  The challenge is that we are not just born with these skills.  We must develop them in the same way that we learn to play the piano or catch the ball.  I am honored to guide young children through positive mindset work.  As a mom and teacher, I see the great power in nurturing mindsets especially during the primary school years, when children are forming beliefs about the world around them and experiencing new social settings and challenges for the first time.  My mission is to empower children with a positive mindset and the skills to use the power of their minds through the many unique opportunities and challenges they face.  These are skills that children can use all throughout school and for the rest of their lives. When they learn how to apply them to their own life experiences at a young age, they can truly create happiness from within, self confidence that sticks, and a fulfilling life.  

Chelsea received a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University.  It is through her passionate studies of child development and social emotional learning that she then sought and received her license to coach young children.  She is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the Family Life Coaching Association, and runs a local non-profit serving children born with cleft lip and palate with her husband.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Today’s youth grow up in a rapidly changing world with amazing opportunities and unique challenges, daily!    Mindset skills help children navigate the unique ups and downs of today with high self-confidence and soaring self-esteem.  

At The Owl’s Haven, we STRONGLY believe in the power of stories!    

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Why Child Life Coaching

Through a creative coaching process and a proven coaching system that is developmentally appropriate for children, coaching stories are used to teach children powerful mindset skills.   A safe environment is provided for children to explore, relate with, and practice the skills that support their ability to thrive through the ups and downs of growing up ~ without getting stuck or giving up on themselves.   Through mindset development, the root of thought patterns that hold children back is the central focus.  

Children learn how to:

  • handle the ups and downs of growing up

  • create happiness and success regardless of their circumstances

  • think for themselves and make good decisions

  • go for their dreams and make them happen

  • so much more.

How it Works

We have hand selected the WISDOM™ system, a goal-oriented, proven story based coaching model and the power of stories to target transformation in key areas of mindset growth for life!  Through stories, children get to hear relatable, real-life problems in a non-threatening way through someone else’s shoes.  Children appreciate getting in touch with their thoughts and feelings in this way and open their minds to see some of the most challenging skills in action.  Enlightening story talks after the story open the door for children to apply the skills to their own lives under the guidance of a professional coach. Your child’s coach will carefully implement engaging and fun activities to give them a “hands on” experience to really anchor their learning.  Parents receive a take-home sheet with resources to carry the conversation on at home with simple, powerful references to the stories that reinforce the skills they are working on outside of coaching sessions.  

What Parents are Saying About the W.I.S.D.O.M. Coaching System for Children.


"My son is more confident and stronger than ever before.  He has learned that he has inner strength and talents to be proud of… Every week, he learns new and exciting ways to deal with life’s challenges.  The coaching stories are relevant and entertaining, and he practices what he learns through the lessons."

Mother of 8-year-old

"Before coaching, my daughter was not enjoying school.  She would frequently end up in tears out of frustration when doing her homework, and she had very little belief in herself."  My daughter absolutely loves her coaching sessions… since working with her coach, I have noticed a significant improvement in her attitude towards homework, her self-belief, and her enjoyment of school.”

Mother of 11-year-old

"We loved the coaching experience with our Coach.  It not only helped my son socially, but also academically and athletically as well.  I know he uses the skills that his coach taught him, and we have seen him be successful in all aspects because of it.”

Another Happy Parent

TV Interview

The Coaching Program and primary tool utilized in all coaching programs offered here at The Owl’s Haven was recently recommended by an Industry Leader, Jack Canfield

Looking in the mirror and not liking what is seen, struggling with friendships or competition, grades, making decisions, and being excluded are just a few issues we all don’t want our children to get stuck with in life.   If this describes what your child is going through, please contact us.   WISDOM coaching programs work to give children the tools to work through and/or face issues in new, exciting ways with confidence, resilience, and mental well-being, and to make healthy patterns of doing this for a lifetime to come.  

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