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I am a Certified Life Coach for Youth and Early Childhood Educator. Whether it is through private one on one sessions or in a small group setting with peers, my coaching programs are deeply rooted in child development, social and emotional learning and supporting the mental health of children. Decades of research confirm these skills as essential for effective learning, sound decision making, physical and mental health, and success in life. The challenge is that we aren't just born with these skills. We must develop them in the same way that we learn to play the piano or catch a ball. In working with children, I focus on building these skills during the primary grade level when children are experiencing social problems for the first time. My mission is to partner with parents to empower children for life through creative learning programs alongside the unique opportunities and challenges of today. If you’d like to schedule a learning program for your child and would like to further discuss, schedule a Free Discovery Call with me here.


Chelsea received a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies from Liberty University. It is through her passionate studies of child development and social emotional learning that she then sought and received her license to coach young children. She is a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the Family Life Coaching Association, and runs a local non-profit serving children born with cleft lip and palate with her husband.

About Our Services

With careful thought in the delivery of programs I provide, I have sought a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate and a system that is highly proven to be effective. Through a creative process of story telling, art, imaginative play and games, I introduce skills, lay a foundation of knowledge, and provide a safe space for your child to explore, relate with, and practice the skills that support his/her ability to thrive through the ups and downs of growing up ~ without getting down or giving up on themselves. All of the systems I introduce to your child are effective during childhood and through adulthood. Parents receive feedback and a take-home sheet after every session to continue the conversation at home and to help support their child in practicing and applying the skills they learn to the situations they are facing in their everyday life.

How it Works

I use a proven, story based system of processes and methodologies to help children see transformation in key areas of growth. I use the WISDOM™ system which gives your family a start and end point for goals. Children gain new perspective and knowledge through stories, hear of relatable experiences the characters face, engage in story talks that help children make connections in their lives, and explore fun activities that give hands-on experience to anchor their learning.

There are 6 areas of transformation that I focus on when working with children:

Wire your mind for happiness, confidence, and success in life with MindPower. This helps children develop an empowered way of thinking. This skill set is the basis of all other segments in our program.

Identify who you want to be and what you want for your life with InnerPower. This helps children develop their inner guidance, core values of a self leader, and learn how to say no to peer pressure and yes to themselves.

See your inner superstar and shine with MePower. This helps children develop powerful self esteem and strong self confidence from the inside out so they feel great about themselves no matter who they are around or what is going on in their lives

Dream big, live with purpose, and make it happen with DreamPower. This area helps children learn how to create a vision in their lives, use goal setting to turn their vision into action, and powerful tools to make sure their mind supports success.

Overcome obstacles and create courage.

Manage the ups and downs of growing up. These two areas are about building resilience. They are about handling the tough stuff in life like fear, failure, change, and disappointments. Children build skills to manage and embrace change, move through fear and go for it in life, and manage disappointments so they don’t give up on themselves.

Getting Started

Find a program that fits your child’s needs! Inquire about availability and register here.

If you are not sure what program is right for your child and would like to discuss the services I offer more in depth, I offer a 30 minute Discovery Call. Schedule your Discovery Call now!

From One Parent to Another..

"I loved everything I have found about Adventures in Wisdom! It is actually exactly what I have been looking for. My child is 10. His teachers all say he lacks self-confidence, which is baffling to me. He is my only child and my whole world! I have learned some of the reasons through the information I received from Adventures in Wisdom! The information was mind-opening and I appreciate it."

— Melissa (Mom of 10-year-old daughter who experienced the Adventures in Wisdom curriculum.)

Looking in the mirror and not liking what is seen, struggling with friendships or competition, grades, and being excluded are just a few issues we all don’t want our children to get stuck with in life. If this describes what your child is going through, please contact me. I work to give children the tools to work through and/or face each of these issues as they come their way with confidence, resilience, and well-being. These programs are available to children who are currently going through a challenge and those who aren’t facing a particular challenge at this time, alike.

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