All school-age programs utilize a story based, goal oriented, coaching curriculum!   Programs may be customized to better meet the needs of your child, upon request.  We work hard, play hard, and focus on creating new thought patterns + ways of thinking!  As this takes time, a commitment for the full coaching program is required at the time of booking.  

Powerful Tip: We highly recommend our introductory coaching program, MindPower for children beginning their coaching journey.  This program serves as a nice base to all other coaching programs we offer!

We can’t wait to meet you!  

Self-Esteem Program

In this program, children learn that positive self-esteem isn’t something they either have or don’t have, but that feeling good about themselves, even when things aren’t going their way, is a skill they can develop.  We learn of a major self-esteem crusher that affects many children and adults today while we learn one of the most powerful tools we possess when it comes to building positive self esteem and how to use it.

Self-Confidence Program

This program helps children develop powerful self-confidence and the skill of believing in themselves even after they have experienced a disappointment.  We will explore 3 common thought patterns that often create fear and a 5 step process for moving through fear and creating courage.  Through this program, I help children become empowered to handle setbacks without giving up on themselves as we utilize the beneficial tool of power shifting.

Resilience Program

Children learn how to get back up again after falling down so that mistakes, disappointments, and changes don’t keep them from their dreams.  We will discover the 5 i’s of managing mistakes and equip our minds with 3 steps for managing change.  Children will learn the power of possibility and how they achieve what they believe.  Your child’s coach will help children learn about their comfort zone, how to create courage to bust through it and to go for things in life - even if they have stumbled in the past.

Inner-Compass Program

Children learn who they are and what they stand for.  This program helps them develop 4 key values of self-leaders (self-responsibility, respect, self-respect, and integrity), to learn how to make good decisions even in tough situations, and how to say no to others and yes to themselves.  Children become equipped with the language they can use in challenging situations like standing up to negative peer pressure.  The skills taught in this program give children tools to make good decisions right now in their lives and later down the road when they will begin making 100% of their decisions on their own.

Dream Power Program

Children learn that no one can make their dreams come true except for them.  We will work together through a 3-step process making their dreams come true.  I will help them create a vision for their lives, learn goal setting to take action on their vision, and introduce children to the Law of Attraction tools of visualization, affirmations and gratitude to prepare their mind for success.  Children take away powerful tools to help them create a life they want for themselves at this very point in their journey and all throughout their life.

Create My Own

All programs may be customized to better fit the unique needs of your child.  Let us know what you have in mind, and what your child is going through, and we will come up with a program that works for you and your child.  

Looking in the mirror and not liking what is seen, struggling with friendships or competition, grades, and being excluded are just a few issues we all don’t want our children to get stuck with in life. If this describes what your child is going through, please contact us. WISDOM coaching programs work to give children the tools to work through and/or face each of these issues as they come their way with confidence, resilience, and well-being. These programs are available to children who are currently going through a challenge and those who would like to build mindset skills pro-actively, alike.

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